At Top Care Ground Control, we provide commercial lawn care services from the ground up. This means we can take care of your trees too! Whether you’re looking for emergency tree removal, tree trimming, storm preparation, or stump removal/grinding, we can adapt to your needs.


Real estate experts often refer to a home’s “curb appeal,” but the same applies to businesses. Whether you’re trying to attract new customers or impress clients, a well manicured facade can make all the difference.

Our tree services help keep your storefront or office safe and tidy.

"Can't I Do It Myself?"

While there are a lot of maintenance projects you can do yourself, that doesn’t mean you should.


Trimming or removing an entire tree is a difficult job for the average person. It takes both professional equipment and know-how to ensure that the process stays safe and effective. The wrong cut, a missed opportunity, or even a faulty tool can mean the difference between a job well done and a catastrophe.


Save yourself the headache, hassle, and hospital trip by doing the job right the first time.

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Trees add a natural beauty to just about every green space you see—from front lawns to parking lots. But they can become unattractive or even dangerous without the proper care.

In the right conditions, those loose limbs, overhanging branches, and dead foliage aren’t just eyesores, they’re disasters waiting to happen. If a storm hits (or even a sudden gust of wind), that tree suddenly becomes a projectile. Even strong, healthy trees can be problematic. Roots that grow through your plumbing can lead to backups, water intrusion, and more.

Whether your concerns are purely cosmetic or a safety issue, let us do the job quickly, safely, and professionally.

Just like your hair, trees need an occasional trim to look and feel their healthiest.

Low-hanging branches can impede access to your business, but that isn’t the only reason to give your trees a seasonal trim. In addition to removing diseased and decaying branches, trimming promotes the growth of thicker, fuller foliage and improves the overall health of your tree.

Give us a call and see for yourself. The results will rival that of any TV makeover!

Cutting down a tree is rarely enough to truly “remove” it. To keep it from regenerating and attracting wood-destroying organisms, you have to get to the root of the issue (literally).

Stump grinding and removal takes care of the entire tree, roots and all.

Depending on the tree and location, we may use one of two methods. Stump grinding breaks the stump down into wood chips. Then, the roots are buried to encourage them to decay. Stump removal involves uprooting the entire thing, including the roots. This is usually done on smaller trees, as a tree’s entire root system can extend a dozen feet or more away from the stump.

Top Tier Tree Services

Trees do more than provide shade and visual interest, they’re a crucial part of the landscape of your HOA or business.


Whether you need emergency tree services or a seasonal cleanup, we can help! Our professional commercial tree services ensure that your landscape is well maintained and doesn’t pose any threat to people or nearby buildings.

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